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He notes that the German Army probably committed tens of thousands of rapes on the Eastern Front, but that murder was the more typical crime for them. Browse Index Authors Keywords. He said that after what the Nazis did to Russia, excesses were likely to take place, but that such cases were strongly suppressed and punished, and were not widespread. In Brittany it is said that a third of those civilians killed in reprisals were women. Decades had to pass until I started feeling pity for them.

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Government policies to provide support to the expellees may thus be seen as a way of alleviating that loss.

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Rape during the occupation of Germany

The French, meanwhile, were shocked by the attitude of some American soldiers, who seemed to think that when it came to young French women "everything can be bought". I am surprised, Putin has never really impressed me that the has any sense of humour, but there he is enjoying the demonstration Bearing sic in mind the cold, I should imagine that the girl in question has a sense of humour [ Full text PDF k Send by e-mail. The preview she had seen pleased her. And of course, they imagined that the same thing would happen now on German soil. The result she arrives at is thusvictims. The little daughter's on the mattress, dead.

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