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American women would even bash pantyhose with insults and disdain towards it saying that they are uncomfortable, made for grannies, old fashioned, out of style, and would insult the integrity of women that wear hose. She knows I wear pantyhose and encouraged me to wear them while out shopping with her. But not for men to be wearing them. I would want to be approached by a stranger and told that I am appreciated for wearing when no one else does. Here is an example:

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Any pantyhose are better than NO pantyhose.

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Interview with Hosiery For Men.

These are available in all sizes up to Extra Large. I was pleasantly amazed to see a young woman walk in — she was about 30 I would guess with gorgeous shoulder length, wavy blonde hair. I had planned to do a similar ratio during the fall, winter, and early part of the spring in my city but completely forgot about it. On the downside though, she blames Kate Middleton for ruining the freedom of women going bare legged. See how easy it would be for the results of the poll to be completely inaccurate? Which basically means females who wear pantyhose should have no problems finding a man.

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pantyhose for men blog
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pantyhose for men blog
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