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He had left it in there for three days before going to the ER. This gives a whole new meaning to butt dialling. Get our newsletter every Friday! The patient tried to sue the ambulance company for not being professional but soon realized it would mean this entire incident would go public and changed his mind. Bro had a guy with 2 baseballs stuck. Apparently the patient liked to shove things up his butt, and this one apparently just was too big.

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Unfortunately, he slips, and somehow his pants maneuver their way off his butt and he lands right on top of the groceries, resulting in one sauce bottle jammed up his ass.

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50 Hilarious ‘How Did That Get Up My Butt?’ Stories From The Emergency Room

When asked how this happened, he told us he was doing some gardening when he fell and the carrot shot up his butt. So they sent him to radiology for an X-ray to see if there was anything there…. Not a small one. As he fell backwards on his ass the fire cracker broke and the stick end became lodged up his ass. Apparently he was gardening and fell backwards onto it. A guy came in with 4 tennis balls up his ass. It took myself and another scrub tech with four pairs of these to drag it out.

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weird things stuck in her ass
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weird things stuck in her ass
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