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Pullum under SyntaxTaboo vocabulary. August 2, 1: I've always taken "fuck you" to be a construction like "long live the king" or "let there be light. July 29, 4: Oops, wanted to add that I'm also curious if it has any synchronic or diachronic relation to its post-interrogative usage "What the fuck? The funny thing about "cracker" is that the Dave-Chappelle sense may be widely understood by blacks to apply to whites even in an urban, Northern setting but may frequently be understood by urban, Northern whites to apply primarily if not exclusively to the rural Southern types with whom they don't necessarily sympathize or identify. Right now, since checkout time has passed, I am sitting in the lobby area of the El Rancho Inn at Millbrae using the free wireless thank you, El Rancho!

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I might prefer shut that fucking fuck up, however.

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August 2, 1: If it is one in the USA most of us don't know what it means. Hey, what does this have to do with language?? Are there any values of X that can preserve the meaning of "shut X up" as "'shut up' with great intensity", and for which X is not some form of invective? Reminds me of the explanation Dorothy Parker I think is said to have given for not going to the symphony:. Often heard as a complaint or even a whine, although it can be said in a positive, assertive or even awed tone.

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shut up the fuck you must
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shut up the fuck you must
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