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The Kenyan camp is expected to houserefugees by the end of the year, according to Doctors Without Borders. The younger generation is no longer learning these essential aspects of their nomadic heritage. AIDS has killed more than 25 million people between and and an estimated Many of the photos featured in this post show the celebration of the Afghan New Year. I think that I wanted to be claimed by something. Built inthe speedway is a quarter mile oval track nestled into the side of Agassiz Mountain about 90 minutes east of Vancouver.

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This post features a sampling of ones we thought were great.

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Coming of Age

For those over 25 who'd like to contribute to The Big Picture, we'll announce a theme soon for a future readers-only post. The four species include the lulav a ripe green, closed frond from a date palm treethe hadass boughs with leaves from the myrtle treethe aravah branches with leaves from the willow tree and the etrog the fruit of a citron tree. What follows is just a small collection of images from the last few days of the conflict. A lenticular cloud formed as high winds blew over the rugged Crazy Mountains in Montana. Your phone is basically a video game, an addictive horror role-playing game called

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